From my classroom to yours.

I understand, first hand the challenges teachers face when introducing 3D drawing to students. Often they'll exclaim, "I can't draw!" but fear not, I designed a 3D drawing tool my students' loved! We called it a SPLAT. Now I am sharing these tools with you and your students K-12.

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  • STEM Specialist

    "Splat not only changed my way of teaching but also changed the perspective of my students. Splats are now spreading through my school like a warm glow!" Tony Doyle - Melbourne

  • Design & Technology Teacher

    My students love your tutorials and their sketching ability has sky-rocketed. Peta Bourke Head Teacher Sydney.

  • Specialist Teacher

    “WOOOOAHHHH ! It’s a cone!!” Best words of my career. A student who is blind was able to independently draw a 3D shape on texture paper and physically feel what it would “look” like. Julia England - New Jersey

  • Primary Teacher

    I love anything that’s going to assist students in executing mathematical outcomes. I wouldn’t share anything that I didn’t try and love... This makes drawing in 3D objects so easy! Sarah @giftedandtalentedteacher Sydney

  • Accessibility

    Many of our students have learning needs or environmental factors that prevent them accessing the complex tools or digital products required for mastering isometric drawing. The Splat side steps many of these barriers. Giving kids everywhere an equitable opportunity to develop this critical skill set. Yep! No batteries required. Plus Splats are durable and completely recyclable!

  • Curriculum Aligned

    1. Our approach is explicit and simple.
    2. We have created a free online short course to get you started. This will help you understand how to implement Splats within your curriculum.
    3. Integrates the development of the 4C’s through hands-on engineering design projects.
  • Evidence Based Learning

    1. Visual-spatial ability is often cited as the number one predictor of long-term success in STEM across all fields.
    2. It is critical to the engineering design process and is optimally developed in the early-primary years.
    3. Students who master these skills are more likely to innovate products and services that will breakthrough limitations and help us find new pathways for change.
  • Numeracy

    Splats support students to visualise and mentally rotate 3D objects to develop fundamental spatial reasoning skills required for success in STEM.

  • Critical and Creative Thinking

    Splats support students to imagine possibilities, connect ideas and generate design solutions within authentic contexts.

  • Visual Literacy

    Splats supports students to understand how visual elements can create meaning, universal understanding and aid visual problem solving skills.

Need a school quote?

  1. You can REQUEST A QUOTE via the product page. We will receive this notification and send you a quote for your school to generate a Purchase Order
  2. You can email [] for bulk orders of Splats in any size or colour quality you need. Bulk orders are best if you need 100+ for your school or district.

We are a verified Education Vendor with the Australian and USA Government and Education Authorities. Please state your region for the appropriate Vendor ID requirements.

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Accessing Resources & Support

Learning how to draw in 3D from the basics to mastery.

You can choose your own 3D drawing adventure by accessing the following resources that best suit you.

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From each of these options you'll be able to access our quality lessons for the classroom, extension activities, design challenges and every day worksheets. These will allow you to guide your students as they work towards their STEAM learning goals.

The academic scope with this one inexpensive tool is a huge. Here are a few ways I've used Splats in my classroom.

  • Draw a cube in 3D for math,
  • Geometric art projects,
  • Developing spatial thinking
  • Creativity Challenges
  • Designing products in 3D
  • Teaching senior engineering drawing techniques.

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Enjoy a freebie!

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  • Splat 3D Wins GOLD!

    Splat is named the winner of a prestigious GOLD Good Design Award for Excellence in Design Excellence and Sustainable Design.

    We now have students using Splats in 14 different countries.

  • Our Industry Collaborations

    From designing equipment for Mars to smart devices for classrooms, we link with industry to provide real world design opportunities and free support resources.

  • Made sustainably in OZ.

    Yes, there are dolphins and Koalas where we are lucky enough to live and work. Splats are made using recyclable materials in the sunny town of Port Stephens - also known as the Blue Water Wonderland.