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    Real design. Real learning.
    • For Educators

      This powerfully simple approach to drawing for design will transform the way you teach design thinking in your classroom.

    • For Parents

      Help your children develop their creativity and problem solving skills for success in STEM.

    • Design School

      Join us for practical design and innovation workshops. Online and in person courses available.

    • Our Mission

      We are on a mission to empower all teachers and students to become confident visual thinkers capable of designing a better future for all.

    • Our Aim

      Our aim is to help students embrace the power of design skills to delight, sustain and empower people and communities everywhere.

    • To help solve some of our planets most difficult problems we must help children dig into their imaginations and unlock their creative potential.

    • Drawing for design is thinking on paper. It is a visible output of the knowledge and imagination that the mind constructs for learning.

    • It is also a proven approach to improving visual spatial skills, essential for long term success in STEM.

    • Delight

      Just think how delighted we would all be if we solved our energy crisis or drive cars without polluting the environment. Think. Real problems solved. Real people delighted!

    • Sustain

      For a design to be sustainable we need to ensure the materials and resources being used in manufacturing, transporting and maintaining a product or service are also ethical and sustainable.

    • Empower

      By developing our creativity and problem solving skills we are more likely to innovate products that break through limitations and help us find new pathways for change.

    • Every child was engaged and experiencing success at a task 90% of my students would lack the confidence to try.

      Rebecca Stokes, Teacher St Aloysius
    • So cool! I can build with the cubes like Minecraft, but on paper.

      Declan, 10 yrs old
    • I get it. Drawing in 3D feels like a magic trick.

      Ayla, 7yrs old
    • The session was fantastic. I can certainly see a need and a role for the splat in the classroom for sure. A great resource for kids!

      Joe Hamilton, Teacher Holy Family
    • Your work is amazing in its own right, I’m so privileged to have played a tiny part in helping you move forward with it.

      Eddie Woo, Math Guru and Teacher
    • So proud of Glen and Kylie, winning gold for their design thinking Splat 3D tool. Through the NSW Department of Education’s SISP Program, we have put these splats into the hands of hundreds of students across regional NSW. We have also started training teachers from all over the state using their innovative programs.

      Scott Sleap, STEM Industry/School Partnerships (SISP) Program Leader
    • One of the most innovative design tools I have seen for education ever. Allows for smart and quick ideation if ideas and builds students confidence in a 3D world. Cannot recommend highly enough.

      Brendan Maher, Principal Lake Macquarie High School
    • Amazing! So great for developing critical and creative thinking in math.

      Rachel, Yr 6 Teacher HVGS
    • More than a stencil, this is a great tool for STEAM projects at home or at school and is perfect for developing creativity and visual problem-solving skills. A high impact design showing when there is no technology application, a child can still learn.

      The Good Design Awards Jury 2019
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      The Splat is 100% recyclable.
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      The Splat is 100% Australian-made.
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      Over 60 free resources for parents and educators.
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      The Splat is 100% designed by teachers.
  • The Benefits of Splat

    The powerful benefits of representing our thoughts in 3D through drawing and learning design are varied but are well documented in research and professional practice in industry. 

    To summarise this research download our cheat sheet that outlines the top ten benefits of using the Splats, or check out our blog post for more info.

  • Download 10 Reasons Why Every Child Needs a Splat

  • Meet Splat 3D

    Helping to develop every child's creativity and problem solving skills.
  • The Splat started as a simple idea for the classroom when Kylie was studying her Masters of Education. Kylie enlisted the support of her husband, Glenn Lawrence and together they prototyped the award winning Splat on a 3D printer at home. Their kitchen becoming a workshop and home office, as they nurtured this simple idea into an award winning 3D design tool.

    Behind the scenes. Kylie Burrett Founded Design Nuts Pty Ltd in 2019 with her husband Glenn Lawrence. Driven to empower all teachers and students design a better future.
    Their focus is to create innovative tools and training programs for teachers and students to design skills and visual spatial ability, required for success across all STEM fields.
    Hundreds of teachers and thousands of students have adopted the Splat in the first year of supply. With the Splat tool winning a prestigious GOLD Good Design Award and features as one of Australia’s top innovations for 2019 on Ch10’s Australia by Design: Innovations TV Show.
    Key Collaborators of Design Nuts include; Engineers Australia, Regional Development Australia, NSW Department of Education STEM In Schools Partnership Program and Google Education.
    • Kylie Burrett
      Co-creator of the Splat ® 3D design tool
      Observe and draw everything! It refreshes curiosity and enhances critical and creative thinking.
    • Glenn Lawrence
      Co-creator of the Splat ® 3D design tool
      Drawing is thinking! Seeing my students thoughts visible on paper provides me a valuable insight into their level of understanding of how their design will work in reality.
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