Our Story

Hi! I’m Kylie, a teacher and creator of the much-loved Splat 3D drawing template.

As a teacher, I found authentically integrating Math to fit ‘cross curricula’ STEM frameworks and units of work challenging!

Of course, my students didn’t care about the ‘frameworks’; they cared about how an activity made them feel.

So, I thought what if I could design a way to do both? How can I make them feel capable, delighted by their potential, and proud to share their work with others? I wanted them to understand the value of mathematical reasoning across all different areas of their lives. I dreamed of them loving geometry. So, from my classroom, I created a small geometric template called a Splat to help them see math creatively, spatially and playfully.

Before I knew it, I had teachers knocking on my door, sending me emails and literally saying, “my kids want whatever it is your kids are doing”, or “How did you get them to draw in perspective? Is it a magic trick?” Nope! It’s math by design, and it’s super simple.

I now make them from 100% recyclable material and in every colour of the rainbow. The price will delight you! See our shop for all the options and experience the magic in your classroom firsthand.