To celebrate our 5th birthday, we would like to support your awesome idea with mentoring and cash. Read below for all the details and entry application.

We'd like to help.

Our More Than Thanks Grant is to support a teacher in the early stages of creating a business or a product that they would like to monetise. This single grant offer is broken down into two sections.

  1. $1000AUD cash to spend on your business idea. Up front single payment.
  2. $4555AUD in-kind services. Including product design and market strategy. You choose your focus and we'll mentor you. * See Grant Terms of Service for additional information. Entries Close 31 July 2024 12pm AEST

Scroll down for links to the application form and support materials.


You must be a registered teacher.

This grant is for teachers who are working casual, part time or full time. You must supply proof of your teaching status.

You must have used Splats in your teaching practice.

You don't need to have bought Splats yourself—your school might have provided them! However, you must have used our product in the classroom or with your students.

You must be willing to share your design journey with our community.

We're all about design and supporting teachers. Our community will want to know about you and your experiences. You will be required to provide three short updates. You do not have to disclose any secret sauce about your product. The grant services must be used before the end of 2024. However, its ok if you don't launch you business until 2025. Good ideas take nurturing.

You must have an idea to pitch!

This grant is for someone with a ready-to-go idea. Whether you've already started and need to boost your business knowledge, or you have a fantastic creative idea but aren't sure how to bring it to life, this grant is here to help.

Key Dates

Closing Date 12pm AEST 31 July 2024

Winner Announced 7pm AEST 16 August 2024

How we can help.

The grant aims to to help one lucky recipient develop a roadmap for success. We understand first hand that everyone's journey is different. This is why the grant is divided into a cash option (spend on anything) and in-kind services. The grant recipient can decide what in-kind services they would most like to focus on. Here are some of the ways we can help support your success.

  • Research your idea to make sure its optimised to make money.
  • Conceptual designs for products, including websites.
  • Give detailed feedback on your idea and how to create a minimal viable product (MVP)
  • Review manufacturing and supply chain options.
  • Provide templates and cheat sheets for setting up business workflows. This is critical for success.
  • Complete a branding review for you to use across social media.
  • Review your best selling options and potential marketplaces for your idea.
  • Suggest free growth strategies for your target market. Including SEO guidance and AI tools.
  • Review partnership opportunities for you.

As part of any new collaboration a non disclosure agreement will be provided to the recipient to ensure their IP is safe and can not be used by us for any commercial benefit. Please note: we can not provide specific legal or financial advice as part of this grant. Each country has its own laws and taxation systems.

Success Criteria

You submit a creative or novel product idea.

The best ideas are based on your own personal experiences. Use the resources in the Application Pack to ensure you provide the correct details.

Demonstrated commitment to excellence.

If you are applying for this grant you are someone that is capable of goal setting and mastering new skills. If you'd prefer to go surfing instead of attending one of our mentoring session then this grant is not for you.

Complete the application.

You've got to be in it to win it. The application needs to be completed in full. This includes an elevator pitch about your idea. Applications can be downloaded from our website.

Have a growth mindset.

Starting something new can be challenging. Accepting feedback and opening yourself up to possible rejection will improve your chances of success. It is up to you to do the work. Hard fun is crazy rewarding!


Judging will be made by a panel of teachers and business leaders. The Grantee will be chosen based on the quality of their idea and their skill set. Applicants who are already commercially successful (Annual Revenue over 50K AUD) will not be considered for this grant.

Meet your mentor.

Hi! I'm Kylie. When I am not in the classroom, I love working behind the scenes to help other creatives bring their ideas to market. Over the last 20 years I have been trusted by some of the world's most creative and successful minds to work on their brands. I'm talking Academy Award Winning, BAFTA brilliant level creatives.

I've even designed my own award winning product, the Splat 3D drawing tools.

It's a big responsibility to nurture an idea to market and an even bigger challenge to keep it in market. But, if you are up for the challenge, so am I.

  • Slide Deck Template

    Use this template to help you complete your Pitch Deck. You don't have to use this template, however, you must address each point outlined in the template to be eligible. You can record yourself presenting the slide deck and share the video with us via the Application Form.

    Pitch Deck Template 
  • Application Form

    Please complete this form and upload your pitch deck within the form. You can upload a PDF, Slide Presentation or a Video Presentation. Your uploaded file must address all points outlined in the Pitch Deck Template.

    Application Form 
  • Terms of Service

    This document outlines the Terms of Service for both us as the Grantor and the winning teacher as the Grantee. It may seem boring but it ensures a fair and transparent process for everyone.

    Terms of Service