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Real design. Real learning.
  • There are 5 core shapes for designing anything! The cube, cylinder, cone, pyramind, sphere.

  • To design with the Splat we suggest you follow a three step process as explained in this video.

  • STEP 1. Identify the basic shapes and learn to draw them with the Splat.

  • STEP 2. CONSTRUCT – Assemble your 3D shapes together, so your design has a framework.

    Hint. Think like you are constructing with LEGO.

  • STEP 3: Add design elements. These elements will help your design communicate a story.

    TIP: The narrative behind the design becomes very important during the design phase

    Here we start adding in our design elements to help our design tell a story. Here are some examples of how design elements can help bring your design to life.

    NOTE: When to start using Splats with your students

    We recommend you start K-2 students start by playing with the Splat. Next they might trace the Splat. Once they have drawn, doodled or designed something, get them to draw a simple cube.

    Check out our YouTube Channel!

  • For more help, download our How to Use Splat for Design PDF.