What’s a Splat?

Splats are an award winning 3D drawing tool that helps teach students how to draw objects (3D shapes) in isometric (3D) in three easy steps.

Once they can identify and draw these core objects for engineering design, we teach them how they can construct and design anything!

  • Affordable, easy to clean and durable

  • Perfectly sized for pencil cases

  • Evidence based approach

  • Low tech – no batteries required.

  • Classroom ready with free STEAM resources

  • Great for home learning

  • Hand to digital compatibility

Why Splat?

Thinking and communicating in 3D is taught in schools via the Mathematics syllabus, and is not just essential for design, research shows that developing these 3D thinking skills promotes success across all STEAM fields and related trades.

During Design Thinking & STEM challenges we are asking students to use their STEM knowledge to creatively solve a problem. The trick is a design cannot just be a thought, it must be represented in some material form. This is where drawing mathematically becomes an important skill for communicating ideas. In engineering design this might be a sketch, working drawing, plans and models.

Splat with Shapes

The Benefits of Splatting

The powerful benefits of representing our thoughts in 3D through drawing and learning design are varied but are well documented in research* and professional practice in industry.

*See FREE Download How to Use a Splat under Resources.

  • Enhances design thinking skills

  • Integrates math into design projects

  • Aids the imagination effect

  • Develops spatial skills

  • Supports girls in STEM

  • Aids hand to digital fluency

  • Boosts visual literacy for STEM

  • It’s fun.

Aligns with ACARA General Capabilities


Splats support students to visualise and mentally rotate 3D objects to develop fundamental spatial reasoning skills required for success in STEM.


Splats support students to imagine possibilities, connect ideas and generate design solutions within authentic contexts.

Isometric view of construction plans for a pipe


Splats supports students to understand how visual elements can create meaning, universal understanding and aid visual problem solving skills.

Watch a Splat in action.

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