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  • Why Splat?

    Because kids were born to design!
  • Design is the creative expression of knowledge and one of the hardest skill sets to automate. Schools are required to teach students design thinking as part of the curriculum.

    During Design Thinking & STEM challenges we are asking students to use their knowledge to creatively solve a problem. The trick is a design cannot just be a thought, it must be represented in some material form. This is where drawing becomes an important skill for communicating ideas. In engineering design this might be a sketch, working drawing, plans and models. 

    To help students represent their ideas we have designed the Splat, a small plastic drawing tool that teaches kids how to draw 3D shapes (objects) in isometric (3D). Through our tutorials we then teach kids how you can connect these 3D shapes (objects) to create anything! Importantly thinking and communicating in 3D is taught in schools via the Mathematics syllabus, and is not just essential for design, research shows that developing these 3D thinking skills promotes success across all STEAM fields and related trades.

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