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  • Why Splat?

    Because kids were born to design!
  • We live in a 3D world and students explore and create using visual spatial skills. Research supports the link between early development of these spatial skills and success in STEM subjects (Lubinski, 2010). Further, thinking and communicating visually in 3D stimulates critical and creative thinking, and is essential for:

    • conceptual understanding
    • spatial reasoning
    • ideating
    • rapid visualisation 
    • divergent thinking
    • problem solving
    • expressing ideas 

    (Sorby, 2009 & Tytler, 2016)

  • You need to look no further then a set of LEGO instructions to see this type of thinking and communicating in action.

    Research also tells us that spatial ability, regardless of gender, is a learned skill that can be improved through practice. However, spatial ability still represents the largest of all gender differences in cognitive abilities (Reilly, Neumann & Andrews, 2017).

    To help improve this scenario and develop learners’ spatial ability, students should 

    • use and create maps
    • play with blocks/construction
    • draw in isometric 

    Until now technical and expensive isometric drawing equipment limited students in younger years drawing in 3D.

    By creating the Splat we aim to remove that barrier, helping children everywhere improve their design skills and spatial ability.

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