• About the Splat

    To help students represent their ideas we have designed the Splat, a small plastic drawing tool that teaches kids how to draw 3D shapes/objects in isometric (3D). Through our tutorials we then teach students how they can connect these objects to create anything!

    Importantly, thinking and communicating in 3D is taught in schools via the Mathematics syllabus and is not just essential for design. Research shows that developing 3D thinking skills promotes success across all STEAM fields and related trades.

  • The Splat Story

    As teachers we understand the nuts and bolts of building a creative mind within a busy classroom environment. That’s why our helpful resources provide an easy step by step approach to learning the art of creativity and visual spatial skills that underpin design thinking.

    “Observe and draw everything! It refreshes curiosity and enhances creativity for design.”

     Kylie Burrett – Splat

  • Kylie Burrett (Lawrence) Splat Co-Creator

    Kylie is a dynamic educator and award winning designer who aims to help teachers and students fulfil their creative potential. Professionally, Kylie has worked extensively as a media and education consultant for: ABC TV, Weta Workshop NZ, Chapman Entertainment UK, and for the past 5 years has been working in NSW schools resourcing and developing innovative STEAM programs.

    As co-creator of the Splat ® – Engineers Australia sponsored STEAM 3D design tool – Kylie’s creative out of the box thinking has demonstrated her exceptional capacity for innovation and developing tools, from concept to market, that support diversity in design.

  • Glenn Lawrence Splat Co-Creator

    Glenn is an award-winning industrial designer and knowledgeable educator who loves to help students design and create. Professionally, Glenn has worked as an industrial designer in both Australia and China, and has over 10 years of experience as a TAS teacher in NSW secondary schools.

    He is passionate about developing visual thinking skills in learners, to enhance STEAM innovation in the classroom and beyond.

    His real-world experience and love for STEAM based learning opportunities has allowed Glenn to lead enrichment programs and workshops for both primary and high school students.

    • Our Vision

      To design a better future.

    • Our Mission

      We are on a mission to empower all teachers and students to become confident visual thinkers capable of designing a better future for all.

    • Our Values

      We believe in the power of good design to bring about positive change in the world.

  • Our definition of good design is guided by these principles.

    We think good designers should:

    • Authentically solve problems
    • Evoke curiosity of the senses 
    • Inspire intuitive engagement
    • Embed usefulness & accessibility 
    • Deliver on durability
    • Promote sustainability
    • Empower the user